Privacy Policy takes your privacy seriously and strives to protect it. The following describes what is done in this regard.

Statistics and Information Displayed. is a website that displays statistics about names; first; last and full names, not statistics about the individuals that have these names. The statistics and information displayed on this website, such as populations, ranks, proportions and race and Hispanic origin profiles are based statistical estimates and inferences. These may differ from the actual figures. The data on which these estimates and inferences are based comes from a variety of sources, including but not limited to a private database of names with partial addresses and US Census Bureau data that is freely available to the general public. None of these source data are ever displayed directly on this site.

Removal of Names from the Site

The names that appear on the website, may or may not be the names of actual individuals. Many full names that appear are the result of appending a first name with a suitable last name (or vice versa). Suitability is determined by a predictive algorithm.

The data on which the statistics and algorithms are based, consist of lists of names and partial address information. The data is merely sufficient to identify the state in which the name is recorded and to ensure that the name is not duplicated within the database. As such, we are unable to identify any specific person from our data with any reasonable degree of confidence.

This database was constructed in this manner in order to protect the privacy of all the people whose names appear in the database. As a result of this protection, it is impossible for us to match requests for the removal of an individual's name with the names that appear in the database. Moreover, the removal of a name from the database as a result of a request would confirm the existence of the name to the requester, thus compromising the personal information of the person with the name. The logic may seem convoluted and counter intuitive but hopefully the following hypothetical example will clarify the reasoning.

John Doe sends an email request using a fictitious e-mail account pretending to be Jane Doe living in some specific state. When John Doe sends this email he has no prior knowledge of the actual location of Jane Doe but would like confirmation as to whether or not she lives in the specified state. then grants the request and removes the Jane Doe of this specific state from the website. This tells John Doe that knows and confirms the location. John Doe has just gotten one step closer to locating Jane Doe, and Jane Doe has no clue that she is being searched.

Given that there is no personally identifiable information displayed on this website, there is insufficient data to match removal requests with the names on this site and that doing so would compromise the privacy of the person whose name is to be removed, will not remove names from the website.

Collection and Use of Personally Identifiable Information from Users of the Website.

MyNameStats does not collect any personally identifiable information of the users of the website, such as names, addresses, phone numbers or email addresses. Since we do not collect any personally identifiable data, we do not do anything with the data and we do not share the data.

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Changes to this Policy

We reserve the right to change this policy at any time, all changes will be posted on this page when they take effect. Last Update: Oct 20, 2014

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